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Address: Building 23, Level B University of Canberra Phone: + 61 (0) 2 6201 2051


Centre for Change Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Urban policy and governance, urban analysis and development, urban competitiveness, global cities, urban and regional planning

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Richard is an urban planner and designer. His research interests include urban competitiveness, global cities, and comparative urban studies (in FoRs 120502 History and Theory of the Built Environment, 120507 Urban Analysis and Development, and 120508 Urban Design).

Richard is a member of the Planning Institute of Australia and its certified planner (CPP), and a member of the American Planning Association and its certified planner (AICP). Richard has cross-national academic and professional experiences in Australia, China and America, and has undertaken many research and consulting urban projects there.

Richard is the Convenor of the Globalisation and Cities Research Program.


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Research Projects & Grants

Richard is currently working on two projects to investigate important urban issues in contemporary Australia. Entitled “Measuring the Competitiveness of Australian Cities: Productivity, Sustainability and Liveability”, one project aims to build an urban competitiveness index for 18 Australian major cities, and to measure the determinants of their competitiveness within the dimensions of productivity, sustainability and liveability.

The other project “Social Transformation, Migration and Global Cities” investigates the interplay between globalisation and movement of people, and its impacts on the social transformations of Australian cities. It aims to provide an evidence-based understanding of Australian cities and their association with the movement of people in the context of globalisation, and to inform policy makers and the public to better strategise Australia’s future in the 21st century.


 PhD Supervision

Area of Supervision:

  • Urban policy and governance
  • Urban analysis and development
  • Urban competitiveness
  • Global cities
  • Urban and regional planning

Involvement in PHD supervisory panels:

  • Alex Sherrad, "Overcoming the Barriers to Safety In Design Implementation: Understanding Designers Motivation" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Sajeda Tuli, "Migration and the Knowledge City: A Case Study of Global Melbourne" (Primary Supervisor)
  • Hamish Sinclair, "What is the future of strategic planning for the national capital?" (Advisor)


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