Honorary Appointments

Ruth GoldsmithHonorary Fellow

Ruth Goldsmith is the Local Planning Manager of Penrith Council. Ruth has led by example in developing and sharing better practice in sustainable development in municipal local government. This has involved advocacy of a broader understanding of sustainable development which moves beyond narrow cost benefit analysis to quality of life and wellbeing issues. She is a past winner of the Excellence in the Environment Award and is currently setting national standards in the development of livability measures for metropolitan cities.


Ruth was awarded the Institute's Public Service Excellence Awards in 2012 for excellence in the promotion, design and implementation of sustainable development planning at the local level.. The Public Sector Awards are awarded for public servants at different levels of governance who have made an outstanding contribution to their field. Award recipients also receive an Adjunct Professorship or Honorary Fellowship, Ruth was awarded an Honorary Fellowship  with IGPA.

”Ruth has the crucial ability in good policy-making of taking a contested academic concept - in this case sustainable development - and turning it into something of practical use which improves the lives of members of her community. This is a unique quality which we are celebrating today”.
Professor Meredith Edwards (Chair, IGPA's Public Service Awards panel)

Ruth Goldsmith receiving the Public Service Excellence Award from  the former Special Minister of State and Minister for the Public Service and Integrity the Hon. Gary Gray AO MP in October 2012 at the University of Canberra.

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