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Dr Thaneshwar BhusalProfessional Associate


Research Interests

Participatory Reforms and Institutions


Participation of citizens in the decision-making is generally perceived, and mostly practiced, within electoral democracy frameworks. Yet participatory governance arrangements of the past two decades around several developing countries have shown that alternative roots to decision-making can also bring similar, if not more, benefits. This PhD project examines Nepal's participatory planning process, an annual policymaking process that is organised by local bodies to formulate local public policies and annual budgets, as an alternative platform for people to participate in local decision-making processes.


Professor John Halligan (Chair), Associate Professor Paul Fawcett (Member), Dr. Selen Ercan (Member)

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PhD (2014-2018) 
Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis, University of Canberra, Australia 
Research area: Participatory Governance in Developing Countries 
Thesis title: citizen participation in local policymaking: an analysis of Nepal’s participatory planning process, 2002-2016
Supervisory panel members: Prof John Halligan, Associate Prof Paul Fawcett and Associate Prof Selen Ercan

Master’s Degree in Public Management (2010-2011)
Potsdam Centre for Policy and Management
University of Potsdam, Germany
Master’s Thesis: Healthcare decentralisation in Nepal

Master’s Degree in Public Administration (2006-2008)
Central Department of Public Administration
Tribhuvan University, Nepal 
Master’s Thesis: Public administration reform in Nepal

Professional Experience

  • Ministries/Departments served: 
  • Election Commission (2003-2006), 
  • Ministry of Land Reform and Management (2007-2009), 
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (2009-2010),
  • National Planning Commission (2011-2014)
  • Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration (2018 onwards).




Stanhope, J. Wettenhall, R. & Bhusal, T. (2016). Governance challenge: Australia’s Indian ocean island territories. Australian Journal of Public Administration. 38(2).

Bhusal, T. (2011). Civil service reforms in Nepal: problems and challenges. Vikash, a Nepali journal of development. Kathmandu: National Planning Commission.

Book Chapter (forthcoming)

The participatory planning process in Nepal in Global Encyclopedia of PA, PP, and Governance, edited by Ali Farazmand. Springer 2018

Articles under review

Participatory policymaking in absence of electoral politics in Nepal

Addressing democratic crisis through citizen participation: an assessment of the municipal planning process in Nepal



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