Honorary Appointments

Andrew Cappie-WoodAdjunct Professor

Andrew Cappie-Wood was formerly Head of the ACT Public Service and Director-General of the Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate but was recently appointed as the Director-General of the NSW Attorney-General and Justice Department. As the Head of the ACT Public Service and Director-General of the Chief Minister and Cabinet Directorate he led the Directorate and public service in advising and serving the Chief Minister and government of the ACT. Prior to joining the ACT public service in June 2007, he spent ten years as Director-General of several NSW Government       departments, including the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Housing. Andrew has also served as Chief Executive Officer to several Ministerial Councils and has chaired a number of national and state  companies and boards. Andrew is a graduate from the University of Sydney.

Public Service Excellence Awards

Andrew was awarded the Institute Public Service Excellence Awards in 2013 for outstanding public sector leadership. The Public Sector Awards are presented to public servants at different levels of governance who have made an outstanding contribution to their field. Award recipients also receive an Adjunct Professorship or Honorary Fellowship, and Andrew was awarded an Adjunct Professorship with IGPA.

“Andrew has been awarded this excellence award for the outstanding leadership skills that he has consistently exhibited in different roles at different levels of Australian government. In particular, Andrew’s vision for ‘One-ACT, One ACT Public Service’ and the reforms that underpinned it will be understood historically as a crucial period in the reform of the ACT public service. Andrew has played a central role in attempting to solve some of the ACT’s most difficult governance problems and he has done this with great skill, diligence and integrity”.   
Professor Bill Burmester (Chair, IGPA's Public Service Awards panel)

Andrew Cappie-Wood receiving the Public Service Excellence Award from the Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker AO in October 2013 at the University of Canberra.



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