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Megan LancasterHonorary Fellow


Address: GPO Box 1801 Phone: 02 6279 0152

Megan Lancaster is currently Director of Stakeholder Engagement at the Murray Darling Basin Authority. Megan has worked at all levels of government including Local, State and Federal, as such she has a unique perspective on how different levels of government view their roles in engaging with local communities and the challenges of doing this effectively.

After the devastating 2009 Victorian Bushfires Megan worked for the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority (VBRRA) as the Marysville Community Engagement coordinator. Megan said her job description was to coordinate the Community Planning process. In reality she came face to face with the challenges of local leadership, delegated decision making and competing agendas. Megan said she felt privileged to have been given the role and is very thankful to the Marysville community who taught her how much she still has to learn.

Public Service Excellence Awards

Megan was awarded the Institute's Public Service Excellence Awards in 2012 for excellence in collaborative governance with citizens and stakeholders. The Public Sector Awards are presented to public servants at different levels of governance who have made an outstanding contribution to their field. Award recipients also receive an Adjunct Professorship or Honorary Fellowship, and Megan was awarded an Honorary Fellowship with IGPA.

"The Awards Panel see Megan as an exceptional example of an emerging 21st century public servant. She recognizes the importance of genuine collaboration in public value creation and that we can only solve many of the intractable problems that we are confronting with the active support and involvement of the citizenry and local communities. She therefore views her role as an empowering rather than a disempowering one. Megan also seeks to develop strong working relationships with knowledge institutions on the basis that the more we know about a problem and how it has been understood nationally and internationally the better our decisions are likely to be”.
Professor Meredith Edwards (Chair, (IGPA's Public Service Awards panel)

Megan Lancaster receiving the Public Service Excellence Award from the former Special Minister of State and Minister for the Public Service and Integrity the Hon. Gary Gray AO MP in October 2012 at the University of Canberra.





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