Dr Chris AulichAdjunct Professor

Research Interests

Public sector agencies, privatisation and local government


Chris came to the University from the commonwealth public sector where he held senior appointments in the areas of sport and local government. At UC he served as Head of School of Management & Policy and Director of the Centre for Research in Public Sector Management (CRPSM). He maintains an active research profile having now co-edited five books involving members of CRPSM and the Institute. The most recent is The Gillard Governments, the eleventh volume in the Australian Commonwealth Administration series which has mapped each of Australia’s governments since 1983. He has researched in a range of public sector areas but has developed particular expertise in public sector reform, privatisation and in local government. 

Chris is on the editorial boards of two international journals - Public Organizational Review and Local Government Studies, and is a member of several public boards and committees.


Selected Publications:

  • Aulich, C. (2016), ‘Integrity and Public Sector Governance: a democratic deficit?’. In Chris Aulich (eds), From Abbott to Turnbull: A New Direction?, Geelong: Echo Books, pp. 119-141

  • Aulich, C. (2015), “Airport Privatisation in Australia: A Tale of Three Cities”, Applied Finance and Accounting, 1, 1, pp. 1-11
  • Aulich, C. (2015), "Recognising the Local Government Sector". In Dollery B & Tiley I, Perspectives on Australian Local Government Reform, The Federation Press, Sydney, pp. 162-175.
  • Aulich, C. (ed). (2014), "The Gillard Governments: Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013", MUP, Melbourne.
  • Aulich, C. (2014), "A narrative, a narrative, my kingdom for a narrative". In Aulich C (ed) The Gillard Governments: Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013, MUP, Melbourne (in press).
  • Aulich, C., Grattan, M., McCaffrie, B. & Tennant-Wood, R. (2014), "Eden-Monaro, the Bellwether Seat". In Aulich C (ed) The Gillard Governments: Commonwealth Administration 2010-2013, MUP, Melbourne (in press).
  • Aulich, C., Sansom, G. & McKinlay, P. (2014), "A Fresh Look at Municipal Consolidation in Australia", Local Government Studies, 40, 1, pp.1-20.
  • Aulich, C. & Hughes, M. (2013) "Privatizing Australian Airports: Ownership, Divestment and Performance", Public Organization Review, 13, pp.175-184.
  • Aulich, C. (2012), "Autonomy and control in three Australian Capital Territory-based integrity agencies", Policy Studies, 33, 1, pp. 49-64.
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  • Aulich, C. (2011), "It’s not ownership that matters: it’s publicness", Policy Studies, 32, 3, pp.199-213.
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  • Aulich, C. (2010), "Putting 'Partnership' into PPPs: An Australian Perspective", International Journal of Institutions and Economies, 2, 1, pp.1-16.
  • Aulich, C. (2010), "It was the Best of Times; It was the Worst of Times". In Aulich C & Evans M (eds) The Rudd Government: Australian Commonwealth Administration 2007-2010, ANU e-Press, Canberra, 3-15.
  • Aulich, C. (2010), "Privatization in Service Delivery: Lessons from Australia". In MoonJoong T (ed) The Service Sector Advancement: Issues and Implications for the Korean Economy, Korean Development Institute, Seoul, pp.155-171.
  • Aulich, C. (2010), "Reconstructing the Australian state: the privatisation factor". In Springford J (ed) Dealing with Debt: Lessons from Abroad, CentreForum, London, pp.74-92.
  • Aulich, C. (2010), "Citizen Participation and Local Governance: the Australian Experience". In Brunet-Jailly E & Martin J (eds) Local Government in a Global World: Australia and Canada in Comparative Perspective, University of Toronto Press, Toronto, pp.35-54.

Major Reports

  • Martin, J. & Aulich, C. (2012), "Political Management in Australian Local Government: Exploring Roles and Relationships between Mayors and CEOs", ACELG, Sydney (Discussion Paper ISSN 1838-2525)
  • Aulich, C., Gibbs, M., Gooding, A., McKinlay, P., Pillora, S. & Sansom, G. (2011), "Consolidation in Local Government: A Fresh Look", ACELG,



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