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Greg MahonyPhD Candidate


Address: Building 11, Level C, Room 45 Phone: +61 (0) 2 6201 5482


National Centre for Social and Ecomic Modelling (NATSEM)


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment, International Business in the Asia Pacific Region, Social Capital and agricultural productivity growth developing countries, Institutions and economic theory, Finance and development, The macroeconomics of Keynes, The National Disability Scheme


Greg’s long standing interests are in macroeconomics, development economics in the Asia Pacific region and the revival of classical economics in the wake of the contributions of Keynes and Sraffa. He engagement in policy debate saw him chair the Sydney based Economic and Social Policy Group (ESPG) in the Hawke-Keating years and editing, `The Australian Economy Under Labor’ (1993) Allen & Unwin, Sydney. He has published on structural change with a focus on the new economy and skills in Australia, Singapore and Ireland.

Greg’s current research interests include: the role of social norms in understanding the regulation and attitudes to foreign direct investment in the Asia Pacific region; analytical approaches to institutions in a variety of economic theories and the impact of different treatments of institutions on policy positions. This has implications for international business research as well as economics.  He is also engaged in research on the economic and social dimensions of the National Disability Scheme.


Selected Publications:

  • Mahony,  G., Rafi, B., & Sadleir, S. (2013), MNE `Strategy, Institutions, State Capacity and Inward FDI among ASEAN Countries’; in Multinationals and Global Consumers: Tension, Potential and Competition eds. T.S Chan and Geng Cui (AIB Southeast Asia) Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Mahony, G. (2012) Foreign Acquisition of Agricultural Land and Food Security: A Cautionary Note on Public Policy, Economic Papers: A journal of applied economics and policy, Volume 31, Issue 4, pages 501–507, Dec.
  • Mahony, G. and Sadleir, C. (2011), `Metagovernance and the Role of Cultural Norms in the Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment: Trans-Tasman FDI Regimes Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, June 2011.
  • Sadleir, C., and Mahony, G. (2009) `Institutional Challenges and Response in Regulating Foreign Direct Investment to Australia’, Economic Papers Vol. 8. No 4. Dec. pp. 337-345


Research Projects & Grants


  • Regular grants within BGL over 12 years.
  • New Colombo Plan Grant in 2015: $60,000.
PhD Supervision

Areas of Supervision:

  • Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment
  • International Business in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Social Capital and agricultural productivity growth developing countries
  • Institutions and economic theory
  • Finance and development
  • The macroeconomics of Keynes
  • The National Disability Scheme

Research Theories / Models of Interest:

  • Modes of internationalization in international business
  • Institutionalism in economics and international business studies
  • Cost-benefit analysis and ubiquitous valuation problems
  • The use of subjective indices in international business research
  • The revival of Classical Political Economy after Sraffa and Keynes

Research Methods of Interest:

  • Institutionalist approaches to economics and international business studies
  • Inductive and qualitative methods
  • Applied economics and economic policy
  • Objective versus subjective theories of value


Involvement in PhD Supervisory Panels:

  • Emdad Haque, "Microfinance and Economic Growth. An Analysis of Cross-country Microfinance in a Macroeconomic Context" (Secondary Supervisor)
  • Cuong do Tat, "Investment in agricultural development in developing countries: The case of Vietnam" 2013 (Primary Supervisor)
  • Don Webber, "Convergence of labour's factor reward between regions of the EU"  2002 at UWE, Bristol (Secondary Supervisor)
  • Hazman Samsudin, "Economic volatility and financial development:  Does openness and institutional quality matter?" 2016 (Secondary Supervisor)
  • Shaun Cheah, "Social capital in sports sponsorship inter-organisational relations: economic and strategic implications in an Australian context", (Secondary Supervisor)



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