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Ubaydur Rahaman SiddikiPhD Candidate


Address: Building 24


Centre for Change Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Environmental Policy and Management, Policy Analysis in Several Environmental and Development Sectors


"Analysis the Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) of Bangladesh through Policy Network Theory and Network Management""


The present research is concerned with the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) network which deals with the water problems in Bangladesh. Since water crisis is multi-dimensional and cross-cutting issue, so integrated and comprehensive water resources management approach like IWRM is suitable to solve the water crisis in Bangladesh. Thus, IWRM approach has been practicing for improving the water sector through minimizing water crisis in Bangladesh since 1990. The National Water Policy (NWPo) and The Water Act 2013 have been approved and performing regarding that purpose. It can be observed that by keeping the global consistency and avoiding the sectoral and administrative fragmentation, the country has achieved a remarkable progress in IWRM activities but lots of remain to be done. Existing IWRM activities are a continuous process and the water sector development is obviously moving in the right direction towards the IWRM plan. Now it is time to analyse and evaluate the IWRM network performances in Bangladesh. Policy network approach will be used in this study to analyze the existing IWRM network in Bangladesh. The enabling environment and constrain situations of the existing IWRM network will be identified which could be minimized through improving existing network. And network management approach can improve the existing IWRM network through taking necessary strategies and measures to properly deal with water crisis in Bangladesh. This study would give a much clear understanding of the significant of the developed IWRM network through ensuring enabling environment and reducing constraining conditions for better water resources management in Bangladesh.


Dr Lain Dare (primary supervisor) and Prof Mark Evans (secondary supervisor)


Ubaydur Rahaman Siddiki is a PhD candidate at IGPA of the University of Canberra (UC), Australia. He did MSc in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Policy) at Wageningen University (WUR), The Netherlands. Earlier, he also completed an MSc in Physical Geography from the Department of Geography and Environment at Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh where from he also obtained his first degree (BSc Honours) in same discipline. As immediate completion of MSc degree from JU he joined as a faculty (Lecturer) in 2005 in the same department where he is working now.

He has participated and successfully completed the European workshop (Fosen, Norway) on Environmental Sciences and Management ( He also has research experience at Bangladesh Environmental Management Project (BEMP) under Bearing Point, Toronto, Canada (


M.Sc in Environmental Sciences (Environmental Policy), Wageningen University (WUR), The Netherlands.
M.Sc in Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University (JU), Bangladesh.

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