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Nicole MoorePhD Candidate



Centre for Change Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Inclusive participation, public policy, co-design and deliberative democracy


"Socially Inclusive Decision Making: Measuring inclusive participation in Deliberative Democracy and Participatory Design responses to complex public policy challenges"


Governments around the world are grappling with increasingly complex social issues that cannot be resolved by single institutions and require heightened engagement with all members of our diverse communities.

There are however a range of factors that can lead to non-participation of citizens, for example the impacts of social disadvantage, situational crisis or distrust in political processes.

Deliberative Democracy and Participatory Design both provide nuanced approaches to citizen engagement that have demonstrated value in driving citizen centred outcomes.

There has however been no academic attempt to integrate these methods into a cohesive framework for inclusive participation, or to measure the inclusivity of each approach in a consistent way.

This research aims to develop a framework for understanding and assessing participation quality within Deliberative Democracy and Participatory Design methods.

The research will contribute to socially inclusive decision making by enhancing public sector capability to design participation processes that maximise engagement with significantly affected groups.


Professor Mark Evans, Dr SImon Niemeyer and Nina Terrey


Nicole Moore holds a Masters Degree in Human Services Management and Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts (Dean’s Scholar) in Politics and Philosophy.

Nicole has held numerous senior roles with the ACT Government’s Community Services Directorate, working in areas focused on systemic reform, community participation, and performance improvement.

In 2013, Nicole was awarded the Australia, New Zealand Institute of Governance (ANZSIG) Public Sector Excellence Award and Honorary Fellowship for exceptional project management, coordination, and management of diverse stakeholder relationships. 

Nicole has a passion for empowering local people and communities, supporting social inclusion, and improving service system responses to meet the needs of all community members.

Nicole is commited to generating and using high quality evidence and participatory design methodologies when designing social policy or service responses in the human services context.



  • Masters in Human Services Management and Policy
  • Bachelor of Arts (Dean’s Scholar) majoring in Politics and Philosophy




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