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Haris MubarakPhD Candidate



Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analsysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Party System, Voting Behaviour, Governance


Party System Consolidation in Indonesia and Malaysia


Indonesia and Malaysia have similar history under the authoritarian system and undergone as a process of reformation in 1997/1998. But after the reformation, Indonesia and Malaysia have a reverse political condition. Political participation and the number of political parties tend to decline. Moreover, a coalition among political parties in Indonesia tends to change in every election and political elites also often switch from one party to other parties. While in Malaysia, voter turnout and the number of parties tends to increase since the first general election after the reformation movement. Furthermore, a coalition among political parties tends to stable and political elites who jump to other parties become a serious concern, especially before the 2018 general election so that there is an urge to make a regulation to stop this situation. Based on these differences, this thesis generally will explore the development of party system consolidation in Indonesia and Malaysia.


Michael Jensen (Primary Supervisor) and Jensen Sass (Secondary Supervisor)


Haris Mubarak is a lecturer at Islamic law Faculty, State Islamic University of Jambi since 2009. From 2015-2017, He became a head of Islamic Constitutional Law program at Islamic Law Faculty. In 2015, He participated in Academic Recharging for Islamic Higher Education program in Goethe University, Germany and Short Course Community Outreach in Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA) Organization, India (2016) that were funded by Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA), Indonesia. Currently, he is a student at Institute Governance and Policy Analysis (IGPA).


  • Bachelor in Family Law, The State Institute for Islamic Studies, Sulthan Thaha Saifuddin, Jambi, Indonesia (2000).
  • Master of Arts in Political Science, National University of Malaysia, Malaysia (2004).
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