Visiting Scholars

The IGPA Visiting Scholar Program hosts academics from around Australia and overseas to undertake research and to participate in and enrich the research intensive and vibrant communal life of the Institute.  Wherever possible, visiting scholars are provided with a workspace and computer access. They are encouraged to participate in the academic life of IGPA including seminars and public lectures.

Please click here to download the IGPA Visiting Scholar Application Form 



Jang Jung Ho, Seoul Metropolitan Government (2018-2010 years)
Hendrik Wagenaar, King's College London, University of Vienna (February)
Matt Ryan, University of Southampton (May)
Mei-Fang Fan, National Yang-Ming University (June - December)
Nikolai Gad, Newcastle University (June-July)
Lala Muradova, KU Leuven (July)
Albert Dzur, Bowling Green State University (July -August)
Ricardo Mendonca, University of Minas Gerais (July)
James Wong, The Hong Kong University (July)
Hans Asenbaum, University of Westminster (July)
Jonathan Kuyper,  Stockholm University (July)
Marta Wojciechowska, LSE (July)
Titus Chen, National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (July)
Costa Hofisi, North-West University, South Africa (August -December)
Tamirace Fakhoury, Lebanese American University (July - September)
Dannica Fleuss,Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg (July - August)
Katharina Esau, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (August - September)
Kari De Pryck, Sciences Po Paris, University of Geneva (September - December)
Jane Wang, intern working on a comparative project examining public sector boards in Westminister democracies. (October - January 2019)
Elisabeth Alber, Institute for Comparative Federalism (October) 
Choi Heng, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore (October-December)


Elise Remling, Sodertom University (December)
Mark Warren, University of British Columbia (December)
John Parkinson, Griffith University (December)
Vijayendra Rao, World Bank (December)
Stephanie Lawson, Macquarie University (December)
Arabella Lyon, Sate Unievrsity of New York, Buffalo (December)
Melissa Williams, University of Toronto (December)
Ian O'Flynn, Newcastle University (November-December)
Emmanuel Ani, University of Ghana (November-December)
James Pow, Queen's University Belfast (November-December)
Simona Zimmermann, University of Stuttgart (November-December)
Javier Romero, University of Salamanca (August-November)
Sofie Marien, University of Amsterdam/University of Leuven (March)
Hans Asenbaum, University of Westminster (February-March)
John Parkinson, University of Warwick (February)
Ricardo Mendonca, Federal University of Minas Gerais (February)
Jonathan Kuyper, University of Oslo (February)
Simone Chambers, University of California (February)
Andre Bachtiger, Stuttgart University (February)
Marit Hammond, Keele University (February)
Karin Backstrand, Stockholm University (February)
Kimmo Grounlund, Abo Akademi Unievrsity (January-February)
Li-chia Lo, University of Melbourne (January-February)
Medelaine Egan, University of Melbourne (January-February)
Asa Persson, Stockholm Environment Institute (January-February)


Lucy Parry, University of Sheffield (February)
Will Jennings, University of Souithampton (February)
Wangchenhjiao, Beijing Foreign Studies University (February)
Thai Thanh Ha, National Academy of Public Administration (March)
Tetsuki Tamura, Nagoya University (March)
Tri Mulyaningsih, University of Sebelas Maret (March)
John Min, College of Southern Nevada (July-August)
Stephen Elstub, Newcastle University (June-July)
Basma H. S. H. Saad, Alexandria University (July)
Tony La Vina, Ateneo de Manilla University (August-September)
Eda Keremoglu-Waibler, University of Stuttgart (September-October)
Benjamin Lyons, University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center (October)


Per Jensen, Aalborg University (January)
Peter John, University College London (February)
Liz Richardson, University of Manchester (February)
Mehmet Akif Demircioglu, Indiana University-Bloomington (March)
Lucy Hatton, University of Warwick (May)
Bahadir Celiktemur, University of Warwick (May)
Katherine Curchin, Australian National University (April)
William Smith, Chinese University of Hong Kong (March)
Andre Bachtinger, University of Lucerne (February)
John Parkinson, Griffith University (February)
Prof Stefan Mann, Institut für Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften INH (July)
Zhang Dengwen, Northeast normal university (July)
Lucy Parry, University of Sheffield (January to March, June to August)
Rodrigo Silva de Souza, University of Roehampton (August) 
Eda Keremoglu-Waibler, Universität Stuttgart (October)
Matt Wood, University of Sheffield (October)
Fay Madeleine Farstad, University of York (October)
Anders Esmark, University of Copenhagen (November)