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Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Book Chapters

  • Nishiyama, K. (2018), “Education and mutual-understanding in the multicultural society: Philosophy in schools in Australia”. In Shogo Iwasaki (ed). Lifelong education in the age of multicultural and multiethnic world. Tokyo: Gakubunsha. [in Japanese]


  • Elstub, S., Ercan, S.A. and Mendonca, R.F. (eds) (2018), “Deliberative Systems in Theory and Practice”, Routledge. 


Centre for Change Governance

Journal Articles

  • Bang, H. (2018), "The American dream: who else but the young can revive it?", Policy Studies, 39(3), pp. 274-291. 
  • Bang, H., & Marsh, D. (2018), "Populism versus neo-liberalism: is there a way forward?", Policy Studies, 39(3), pp. 251-259.
  • Bang, H., & Marsh, D. (2018), "Populism: a major threat to democracy?", Policy Studies, 39(3), pp. 352-363. 
  • Davison, G., Freestone, R., HU, R., & Baker, S. (2018), "The Impacts of Mandatory Design Competitions on Urban Design Quality in Sydney, Australia". Journal of Urban Design, 23, 2, pp. 257-277
  • Halupka, M. (2018). “The legitimisation of clicktivism”, Australian Journal of Political Science, 53, 1, pp. 130-141.

  • Hernando, M.G, Pautz, H and Stone, D. (2018), "Think tanks in ‘hard times’ – the Global Financial Crisis and economic advice", Policy and Society, 37, 2, pp.125-139

  • Roberts, C.B. (2018), "ASEAN, the “South China Sea” Arbitral Award, and the Code of Conduct: New Challenges, New Approaches", Asian Politics & Policy, 10, 2, pp. 190-218.

  • Wettenhall, R. (2018). "Norfolk Island as Region: A Pacific Puzzle",  Australian Journal of Public Administration, 77, 1, pp. 120-127

Book Chapters

  • Bang, H. (2018, "La Spida Politica Di Foucault", in Contro-Parola: Foulcault E La Parresia: A Cura Di Viviana Secreto, pp. 115-139, Mimesis/Eterotopie.
  • Bang, H.P. and Jensen, M. (2018), "Populism and Connectivism: An Analysis of the Sanders and Trump Nomination Campaigns", in William, C. and Newman, B. (eds), 'Social Media, Political Marketing and the 2016 U.S.Election, Routledge London, pp. 137-159.
  • Gunningham, N. and Sinclair, D. (2018), “Regulatory Pluralism and Regulatory Mix”, in J Richards (ed.), Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom
  • HU, R. (2018). Planning for Economic Development. In C. Hein (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Planning History, Routledge, pp.313-324.


National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM)

Journal Articles

  • Mohanty I. & Gebremedhin, T. (2018). "Maternal autonomy and birth registration in India: Who gets counted?", PLOS ONE, 13, 3, pp. e0194095
  • Tanton, R., Schofield, D., Cunich, M., Shrestha, R., Veerman, L. J., Kelly, S., & Passey, M. (2018). The long-term economic impacts of arthritis through lost productive life years: results from an Australian microsimulation model. BMC Public Health, 18(1), pp. 1-10