Former Students



Name Date of Completion  Thesis Title Supervisory Panel
Zhang Yanzhe 22/10/2014 Policy-Oriented Learning and Openin Up: The Case of China in Transition Mark Evans (Primary Supervisor)
Adib Farhadi 18/12/2014 Stabilization for Sustainable Economic Growth in Fragile States: The Case for an Afghanistan Trade-Based Regional Economic Integration “Silk Road” Strategy Mark Evans (Primary Supervisor)






Name Date of Completion  Thesis Title Supervisory Panel

Yanyue Yu 


Modelling Demand Driven Provision of Aged Care to Baby Boomers in Australia

Laurie Brown (Primary Supervisor)

Alan Duncan

Binod Nepal

Yari Yuhariprasetia  29/04/2015 Ethics Management in the Public Sector: A Case of the Indonesian Tax Administration Reform

John Halligan (Primary Supervisor)

Wahyu Sutiyono
Angela Munro 


A 'Common-Sense Revolution'?: The Transformation of the Melbourne City Council, 1992-9

John Halligan (Primary Supervisor)

Chris Sadleir

Michael Buxton 
Stefanus Sampe  24/07/2015 Political Parties and Voter Mobilisation in Local Government Elections in Indonesia: The Case of Manado City

Mark Turner (Primary Supervisor)

Anthea McCarthy Jones
Jisoo Yi  28/08/2015

Rules of Origin and Korea's Use of Free Trade Agreements.

Chris Aulich (Primary Supervisor)

David Widdowson

 Barbara Walsh  04/09/2015

The Tightrope Walkers: An Exploration of the Democratic Role of Public Sector Communication in the Digital Age

Lawrence Pratchett (Primary Supervisor)

Monica Kennedy

Kerry McCallum
Bimo Wijayanto  04/09/2015 Indonesian Personal Income Tax Microsimulation: Tax Base Construction, Revenue, Distribution and Compliance Analysis (Case Study of Income Tax Reform 2008)

Robert Tanton (Primary Supervisor)

Alan Duncan

Yogi Vidyattama
Francis Wasswa  28/10/2015 Multidimensional Child Poverty and its Determinants: A Case of Uganda

Anne Daly (Primary Supervisor) 

Riyana Miranti

Tesfaye Gebremedhin