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The Institute was born from a belief that the best graduate education is a product of cutting edge teaching and learning methods underpinned by the highest quality applied research. We are therefore dedicated to promoting outstanding public sector leadership, policy and delivery that really works for the benefit of the public.

The Institute is a leading international provider of postgraduate and professional development programs for overseas, Commonwealth and State jurisdictions on governance, leadership and public policy themes.

We deliver four types of program:

  1. Graduate certificate programs leading to MPA for Commonwealth Government Departments (co-designed with the Australian public Service).
  2. Purpose built leadership programs for Australian public sector and overseas governments.
  3. International MPA program with international partners.
  4. PhD and Professional Doctorate. Please click here to view our PhD Brochure
Principles of Design and Delivery

IGPA’s education programs are characterized by nine key features of design and delivery:

(1) a philosophy of co-design with core stakeholders is used throughout the learning process ensuring strong alignment with departmental needs;

(2) all programs are underpinned by high quality research on ‘what works’;

(3) occupational skills are embedded through problem-solving teaching and learning methods including purpose built case studies, role plays and exercises and embedded through critical thinking;

(4) the curriculum has strong comparative and international elements to distil leading thinking;

(5) each delivery involves the development of an evidence base which can be deployed for other organisational needs;

(6) programs are delivered in high quality bespoke executive facilities;

(7) we use flexible modes of delivery to meet the needs of busy professionals in full-time work – in this case each unit can be delivered intensively over six days;

(8), we utilise an advanced e-learning environment to provide on-line support in terms of course guidance materials, academic and practice-based materials courses and assessments. This also allows for the creation of an evidence base in areas of key concern which can be deployed for other organisational needs; and

(9), significantly, the Institute seeks to integrate the best of academia and the best of practice in high quality teaching teams to ensure that its programs are fit for purpose and provide thinking space for policy innovation.

Professional and critical skills for government

IGPA's education programs have been designed to equip those working in the public sector with the six overlapping skill sets identified by our Professional and Critical Skills for Government (PCSG) project: strategic thinking and management rooted in the creation and delivery of public value; the ability to analyse and use evidence in policy-making; financial management; communications and marketing; program and project management; and, people management.

The PCSG argues that public servants working in all three career families – policy production, operational delivery and corporate services – will be better placed to meet the challenges presented by a more complex and interdependent policymaking and service delivery environment if they strengthen their skills in these six key areas.


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