Current Government Partners

IGPA has developed considerable experience and expertise in delivering purpose-built programs for both clients in the public sector as well as those working with the public sector, including the private and not-for-profit sectors at the state, national, regional and international levels. We take particular pride in the way in which we combine our interdisciplinary expertise in governance and public policy with co-design principles in order to develop programs that deliver results and have a long term impact on your organisation.

Our programs include:

  • Open policy-making program (Cabinet Office UK)
  • Social Participation Program (Office of the Presidency, Brazil)
  • Service Professionalisation Program (Russian central government)
  • Australia-China Leadership Program
  • China National Audit Office Governance Program
  • Political Communications Program (Singapore Civil Service College)
  • Vietnam Department of Social Security, Leading Change Program
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Administration for Commonwealth Departments of Agriculture, Infrastructure and Regional Development, and Industry and Science.
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Administration for the Australian Commonwealth Territory Government.
  • Graduate Certificate in Economics and Graduate Certificate in Management for the Public Sector for the Department of Industry and Science.

Key Australian based programs include:

  • Strategic Communication (Department of Human Services)
  • Managing Change (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet)
  • Local Government Leadership Programme (Local Government Management Association)