Capacity Building Program in Public Service Retirement Income System


Between 17-23 May, IGPA hosted a delegation from Indonesia which consisted of 19 staff from the Ministry of Finance and PT Taspen (Persero). They attended a 5 day training course on “Capacity Building Program in Public Service Retirement Income System” run by IGPA.

The program was co-convened by Riyana Miranti and Khalid Ahmed and aimed to provide the participants with knowledge of the retirement income system in Australia particularly on the scheme that focuses on the public service sector. This included knowledge sharing sessions/visits to the Treasury and Department of Finance.

Dr Riyana (Mira) MirantiAssociate Professor & Convenor of BGL Indonesia ProgramView Profile



The aim of this training course is to provide participants of the training course a good understanding of the retirement income system in Australia particularly on the scheme that focuses on the public service sector.

Time period

5 working days 17-23 May 2017

Day 1 Introduction to Australian Government and Society and social security systems
  1) Aust Govt system including federation, the constitution and its evolution and policy process
  2) Vertical fiscal imbalance and horisontal fiscal equalisation
  3) Delegation presentation - briefing and overview of Indonesian government and the overall social protection system
  4) Delegation presentation - current pension reform priorities for Government of Indonesia
Day 2 Introduction to Australia's Three-Pillar Retirement Income System
  1) Pattern of retirement and introduction of three pillar retirement income system
  2) Introduction to age pension
  3) Introduction to microsimulation modelling in Australia and its application to inform policy making
  4) Regional modelling and analysis for policy making
Day 3 Planning and Implementation
  Visit to the Treasury:
  1) History of superannuation in Australia and its reforms
  2) Sustainability in the future (fiscal costs)
  Visit to the Department of Finance:
  3) Defined-benefit public sector superannuation schemes
- Policy, legislation and monitoring
  4) Managing the budget implications of defined benefit schemes
Day 4 State and Private Sector Superannuation Management
  1) State fiscal modelling
  2) Briefing on a state scheme
  3) Management of private superannuation fund
  4) Management of private superannuation fund
Day 5 Lessons Learnt and What is Next
  1) Presentation from UniSuper
  2 & 3) Joint workshop - Successful implementation of pension reform in Indonesia - Lessons from two countries, key learnings and outcomes - delegation presentations
  4) Closing and certificates

A mixture between in-house delivery and study visits to relevant institutions. The training program will be conducted in an interactive, seminar style, with some group discussions.