Public Sector Auditing in Australia


This 4 day program was specially developed for the Indonesian Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide detailed knowledge and experience on public auditing in Australia.  The delivery of program included the following components:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops with  practical exercises;
  • Site visits to either the ACT Government or Commonwealth  Department of Education;
  • Guest speakers from Government Audit offices (subject to confirmation)



The Program objectives were to provide the delegation from the Inspectorate-General’s Office of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture  with knowledge and practical experience in risk-based auditing in Australia, including government auditing policies and practices, the conduct of  financial, compliance  and performance auditing.  The focus was on the process and conduct of internal audits to assess corporate governance arrangements, including internal controls, risk management to assess economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the audited activities/ programs and to add value to organisational improvements

This program enabled the participants to apply the new policies and practices in further strengthening the audit and investigation functions of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

The participants benefitted  from best practices and case studies from experts in risk-based financial, compliance and performance auditing.  The focus of the program was on building capacity of the Inspectorate- General’s Office and the implementation of the experience learnt from Australian audit processes and practices to improve the management and quality of audits, reviews and investigations conducted by the inspectors and auditors within the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.