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Dr Brendan McCaffrieEducation Program Director and Senior Research Fellow


Address: Building 23, level B University of Canberra Phone: + 61 (0) 2 6201 5991


Centre for Change Governance


Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis at the University of Canberra

Research Interests

Political participation, political leadership, governance, political history, American Political Development, elections.

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Brendan has worked at UC as a research fellow since January 2013. His research predominantly falls into two areas. One is political leadership, which examines success and failure for various political leaders, in various historical and institutional situations. This research also examines the role of political rhetoric in defining public policy to commentators and the public, and in attempting to create positive assessments of policies. The second major focus of Brendan’s research is political participation, which examines the role of Government in encouraging citizens to engage in political and policy decisions. Brendan has published in various Australian and international politics journals.

Since January 2015, Brendan has been IGPA’s Education Program Convener. This role has required a significant amount of coordination and interaction with teachers and students, primarily in managing IGPA’s various Graduate Certificate Programs. This role has also required liaison with multiple Government Departments.


Selected Publications

  • McCaffrie, B. and Warhurst, J. (forthcoming) ‘The Fading Light on the Hill: The Australian Labor Party as Opposition since World War II’. In Aroney, N., Nethercote J. and Prasser, S. Her Majesty’s Loyal Oppositions – A Comparative Study of Oppositions in UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. Ballan, Vic: Connor Court.

  • McCaffrie, B. and Aulich, C. (2016), “For Whom the Bellwether Polls: The Electorate of Eden-Monaro as an Indicator of Australian Electoral Trends”, Australian Journal of Politics and History, 62, 3, pp. 452-466

  • Marsh, D. and McCaffrie, B. (2015), “One Cheer for Jordan and Cairney: Taking the Governance Literature Seriously”, British Politics, 10, 4, pp.475-485.

  • Marsh, D., Akram, S. and McCaffrie, B. (2014), “A Crisis of Participation”. In Richards, D., ed., Institutional Crisis in Twentieth Century Britain, Basingstoke, Palgrave, pp. 39-59

  • Akram, S., Marsh, D. and McCaffrie, B. (2014), "Crisis Talks, Are We Listening? A Crisis of Apathy or Engagement: Interrogating Trends in Political Participation". In Richards, D., Smith, M. J. and Hay, C. (eds.) Institutional Crisis in Twenty First Century Britain. Understanding Governance. London: Palgrave.
  • Aulich, C., Grattan, M., McCaffrie, B. and Tennant-Wood, R. (2014) ‘Eden-Monaro, The Bellwether Seat’. In Aulich, C. (ed.) The Gillard Governments. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 238-257.
  • Evans, M. and McCaffrie, B. (2014), "Rudderless – Perceptions of Julia Gillards Domestic Statecraft". In Aulich, C. (ed.) The Gillard Governments. Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 301-321.
  • McCaffrie, B. (2013), "A Contextual Framework for Assessing Reconstructive Prime Ministerial Success". Policy Studies, 34, 6, pp. 618-637.
  • McCaffrie, B. and Marsh, D. (2013), "Beyond Mainstream Approaches to Political Participation: A Response to Aaron Martin", Australian Journal of Political Science, 48, 1, pp. 112-117.
  • Laing, M. and McCaffrie, B. (2013), "The Politics Prime Ministers Make". In ’t Hart P., Strangio, P. and Walter, J. (eds.) Prime Ministerial Performance: Analytical and Comparative Perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • McCaffrie, B. (2012), "Understanding the Success of Presidents and Prime Ministers: The Role of Opposition Parties", Australian Journal of Political Science, 47, 2, pp. 257-271.
  • McCaffrie, B. (2009), "Contesting the Frame: Opposition Leadership and the Global Financial Crisis". In ’t Hart, P. and Tindall, K. (eds) Framing the Global Economic Downturn: Crisis Rhetoric and the Politics of Recessions. Australia New Zealand School of Government, ANU E Press, Canberra.
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Areas of Supervision:

  • Political participation
  • Political leadership
  • Governance
  • Political history
  • American Political Development
  • Elections

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